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Manager: Paul Jones (mob) 07816 002398

Assistant: Mark Jones (mob) 07508 453575

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Training details are: Wednesday at 17:30 to 18:30 at Woodlands
Boots and Shin pads a must!

U8’s 2015/2016 Season

Sunday 22nd May

Friends Trophy 2016

Firefighter Rangers Friends Trophy 2016  Sunday 22nd May saw our Under 8’s Rangers team host their 2nd annual Friends Trophy Tournament, inviting other teams to participate. Based upon the success of last years event, team manager Craig Townley ‘the event organiser’ felt it was something worth doing again not only for the boys playing but for the community as a whole. “Last years tournament was our first, so it was more of a trial by error, looking at what worked, what did not. Most of what we did worked so we simply replicated that apart from this time introducing a lovely looking Trophy which we will officialy now play for each year.  All the players, parents and managers from last urged that we do it again and make it an annual thing as it brought everyone together from the community in and around Coventry. The managers got to know one another better, exchanging tactics! stories, how their season was going new friendships struck up, same for parents…old friends catching up and having a laugh whilst watching their child participate in a few matches. Most of the all the players loved it and that’s what matters most. Like last year, what hugely helped was all the refreshments supplied by the teams sponsor for the day Subway / Spar …store manager Sharon adding that “ there’s a real synergy perhaps you wouldn’t automatically see between a food store and a football team but actual we are both at the heart of the community” The Fire Fighters are the largest community club in this area, we ourselves at Spar and Subway of course are at the heart of the community providing a convenience just metres from where they play. We see their players and parents all the time in our store, mostly now we are on first name terms with and it makes a real nice pleasant working environment for us and hopefully their visit to the store that little more enjoyable… it works for everyone. We turned up on the day with our Subway mascot who the children loved, giving out stickers, balloons selling raffle tickets for our own chosen charity NSPCC it truly was a great day, almost everyone we saw up at Woodlands we knew from coming into the store so it was great to say hi”                            The day itself went fantastically well, the weather helped as it always does with outdoor events regardless of the sport, a series matches were played in a Round Robin style, those invited ( teams that the Rangers felt were more like ‘friends’ than opponents) close neighbours Coventry United, Copeswood, Chapelfield Colts, Whitley, Coundon, Alvis and newly formed team North Warwickshire and Hinckley College provided much entertainment with surprise results popping up everywhere. This year the teams played for a trophy titled ‘The Friends Trophy’ something that now looks likely to be ‘the trophy’ to play for in this permanent yearly fixture. Can the 2016 winners Chapelfield Colts retain it next year?  they will certainly have fun trying to do so! A huge big thank you to Subway & Spar and to everyone who attended…its was a great day and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

From Craig and all the boys of the Rangers Under 8’s

‘we play as one’

17th October Firefighters host Tourenement

Saturday 17th October saw the Under 8’s Rangers hosted the clubs first tournament at Woodlands. 5 other teams were invited: Copeswood, Coventry Saracens, St Finbarrs, Coventry United and Chapelfield Colts who all participated in a great morning of football.
A high standard of football was played out, with huge enthusiasm from all parents, great fun for all the players
A huge thank you to our tournament sponsor, Spar and Subway who provided healthy sandwiches, drinks and snacks for ALL the players, each team had their own ‘platter’  Sharon Nulty the Spar and Subway manager didn’t hesitate when approached about getting involved with the areas local community football team saying “when Craig approached me to get involved in this tournament I didn’t hesitate, although soon after it did dawn on me that a little over time might be required to make all the sandwiches! “It is a real pleasure to be involved with our local football team the
Fire Fighters Junior Football Club, like them we are all about being at the centre of the community so to be able help the club with a tournament and other initiatives in the future it’s great for us” Sharon later added  “It was great to see so many children having fun, the tournament was fantastic, it was really nice to that all the players got a medal at the end too, it was a nice gesture from the club.
Thank you to all the teams and their parents for their support…until next time ?

Sporting the new away kit tops

FF Rangers away tops

26th September St Finbarrs v FF Rangers U8’s

A spirited display was put on show Saturday as the boys travelled away to Holbrook’s to play St Finbarrs at their new club..nice it is too!
A nicely laid astro turf lay await and the Rangers U8’s took no time adjusting to playing on it’s surface.With a new formation seeing Jake and Jacob form a great defence, whilst Alfie, Chip, Charlie and  Captain Leon provided excitement upfront. Dan ‘Da man’ as ever our trusted safe pair of hands between the sticks.
Both teams were evenly matched with goals from but it was a through pure determination and skill saw the Rangers victorious. Their man marking was great, moved the ball quickly, superb passing most of the time, move of the match saw Alfie accelerate down the left wing, stop , drag back and in 1 move sent a lovely ball over to the awaiting ‘Chip’ aka Charlie Jones to hit first time from the top of the box and narrowly go wide of the post.
Charlie and Leon never stopped all game, working hard as ever getting forward and tracking back when required both grabbed themselves a goal each, Charlie’s coming from a fantastically taken free kick, squeezing the ball past the defender and post. Plenty of shots rained down on the St Finbarrs goal, especially from Jacob who enjoys his long range shots. Some great saves from Dan ‘Da Man’ who is improving with every game, slick dribbling skills and his pace meant that Jake was always going to be a threat meant sure we linked up well with our forwards. Man of the Match this week was voted for by the parents, who were great as ever ‘ Best fans in the World’ went deservedly to ‘Chip’ who grabbed the winning goal. Excellent performance boys, well done. Keep up the good work and correct respectful attitude.
Next Home match: Sat 3rd Oct, Woodlands 10am

U7’s 2014/2015 season

FF Rangers team

7th March – FFR v Christ King Rovers Blue 

Fire Fighter Rangers welcomed Christ King Rovers Blue to Woodlands, past meetings between these 2 teams have always provided much entertainment for both spectators, players and this game was no different except this time the elements decided to turn up… Wind !

The first half saw Fire Fighters dominate most of the play, some great passing, fantastic defending from our captain James Ryan. Keeper wise, Charlie was great again between the sticks. Aman as usual was in the thick of it all causing the opposition problems which they found hard to deal with, he had several close attempts on goal especially a long rage effort that was a bit cheeky and belonged on the Rugby pitch…all very encouraging stuff, great to see. Both teams had their moments in front of goal which were both well deserved

Second half the ‘Wind’ turned up and played a big part in Christ King Rovers game, they used it to their advantage playing the long ball high from their goal kicks letting the wind carry above everyone, however all threats were easily dealt with by Aman who was swopped at half time to play in goal. We had Jake back after going AWOL who showed great composure on the ball and played some lovely balls down the line creating instant attacks.

Both teams worked hard played fair, and on a whole the game was very entertaining.  Man of the Match went to James Ryan who thoroughly deserved it, he worked hard at training and continued that onto the pitch on Saturday…WELL DONE James, keep it up!

Thank you again to parents who helped assemble the respect line, its very much appreciated

28th Feb – FFR v Bedworth Warriors 

Firstly I’d would like to thank all the parents for helping pre match, from the setting up of the Goals, Ryan and Graham to the ‘Rangerettes’ for putting the Spectator Respect line up, and Paul for warming his son Charlie (our goal keeper)  up – your help was very much appreciated THANK YOU

Saturday morning’s weather presented us with the Best conditions for football ever and boy did both teams deliver a match  – this was fantastic game for a neutral on looker,  a 16 goal thriller not to have been missed in hind sight. Heart attack material though for the managers of both teams.

The FFR players all turned up ready, eager and did exactly what was asked of them during the pre match warm up, they were little professionals.

Bedworth Warriors came to Woodlands very well prepared which considering they are only 2 weeks old as a team was good to see. The visitors played really well which paid off in their favour in the first half, unlike all of our chances, of which we had plenty of just did not come off, but we were getting closer and closer and you just sensed that it would come, they players knew this and credit to them they stuck to battling away against a tough but fair tackling Bedworth team.  Captain Charlie Jones in goal stood tall and firm in goal pulling off some great saves with every limb, Aman as ever battled on, the boy must be powered by Duracell, passion along with a big heart  – he just carried on a on, never gave up which rubbed off onto everyone else.

This is the first match that even our own subs where shouting, encouraging their teams mates, spurring them on, great to see. Josh using his fast pace surging forwards, huge long throw in’s and cleverly timed passes from Jacob bringing players like Leon Zylai into the game which he totally took advantage of, he gave a shining performance which he’d brought with him from Wednesday’s training session earning him this weeks Man of the Match…keep your performance up Leon and your parents are going to have to keep a space aside for your trophy…your dad Adrian, the handy man he is best start to build you your own special shelf!!

Well done Fire Fighter Rangers, very proud of you all. A fantastic match, both teams played well, tough but clean and fair. We never gave up, persevering to the end which is what we need to be doing week in week out.

7th February 2015 Winter Cup Final – Firefighter Rangers v Southam United
A great achievement to make 2 finals in the last 6 months, winning the autumn cup and ahead lay the Winter John Bryn Cup at Southam United’s ground on a frosty winter morning.

Prior to kick off the team posed for pictures, already happy, excited to be in another final.  Game started off on what was a hard and bumpy pitch at a quick pace, both teams battling for control of the middle of the pitch. Aman linked up brilliantly well with ‘Captain Marvel’  Josh who as a pair caused Southam trouble every time we advanced, tough tackling Matt was ever present with some key tackles and runs forward. Southam played well and caught our defence out a couple of times early in the first half which put a little pressure on us, however the boys coped well and battled on. We altered our shape towards the end of the first half which put a stop to Southam catching us out at the back, this allowed us to put a great amount of pressure back on the Southam defence.

Jimmy who played part Goal Keeper , part defender picked up man of the match award for his tough crunching tackles and great passing…well done Jimmy! Leon found his legs, with some speedy runs he’s best known for causing havoc down the wing, great to see!

This was certainly a game of 2 halfs. The final result ended in Southams favour due to a good display from them in the first despite the second half belonging to The Fire Fighters.
Our boys still had a smile. come the final whistle and good there’s good reason to,  2 finals within 6 months is a great achievement. May the enjoyment of playing in a cup final continue, regardless of the result.  Lessons learnt from this game which we will take forward into the next and build upon will see us improve further and develop into a great team.

Once again great support from all parents, friends and family it’s lovely to see all parents giving their full support.

Jimmy, Charlie, James, Matt, Jacob, Aman, Josh, Leon – Well Done, you should all be very proud, keep going!

Saturday 8th November: Home fixture v Athletic
Kick off was brought forward slightly earlier than 10:30 to get everyone started instead of having everyone wait around in the blustery rain, Captain Leon led our team through the wet conditions although that appeared not bother our boys who started well from the off, applying good pressure keeping the ball inside the opponents half for most of the first half. Great running from Josh as usual whilst Matthew ran his heart out running onto every ball played forward, tough tacking in midfield generally working hard all over the pitch which he was rewarded for at the end of the match. Stout defending from Jacob Townley who played some great balls forward winning some decisive tackles against a fast forward attaching Athletic. A match day debut was handed to Jacob B who played well and had a few chances, determination and grit from Captain Leon something he brings to every game enabled us to make things difficult for a well organised Athletic team who managed only 3 attempts on our goal in the first half.

Second was a little more different to the first with Athletic playing some good football, their passing was great and they managed to pose a bigger threat in our half. Still we never gave up, just like the blustery weather conditions didn’t either! Both Joshua and Matthew again going close with shots, afew one on ones… a note has been made in my little book for more practice at shooting and following up on re-bounds for Wednesday nights at training is required. One thing on Wednesday we can’t teach, nor install which our team has has plenty off is determination which we showed again on Saturday like we do week in week out.

We are certainly playing better, with more purpose, having a greater idea of our roles and more importantly what team work is, seeing the result of it when its applied.

Man of the Match went to Matthew, well done…he just never gave up…

Parents…again as usual thank you for the support and help with the nets at the end.

Saturdays game – away to Alvis at Green Lane, the meet time will be provided at training on Wednesday.


Saturday 11th October saw the Fire Fighter Rangers take part in a triple header over at Norman Place Road against Christ the King Juniors, Chaplefield Colts and Christ the King Rovers
First game we played on was a pitch suitable for Rugby with its long grass than football, this one had a low scoring game or a nil nil draw written all over it simply because it took the lads almost 6 minutes to get from one end to the other!  We pressed well, keeping the ball in the oppositions half for most of the game, Christ the King had a couple of breaks but it became quite apparent the boys had listened to Wednesdays training tuition which was to tackle safe and fairly. Jim aka ‘ Jimmy Rimmer’ in goal stood around picking daisies..our defence was that good! Leon worked tirelessly, great tracking back from Matthew who had a great game. The boys worked hard and received the right result for it.
Next up Chaplefield Colts… which saw Charlie want to take up position between the sticks, having both Jacob and Jake in front of him and the form they were in meant Charlie was possibly going to be bored… that’s exactly what he was! Again, like the previous game, we defended superbly, Josh never gave up battling in the midfield to win the ball and running at the ‘Chaps’ defense, tough battling Zach getting stuck in was great to see…Both Matthew and Jake had great games and got their reward for it
We were on a roll…was there no stopping this team?
Last up – Christ the King Rovers. We kept up our high standard of play, seeing great determination, Leon never stopped with some nice movement on the ball, James with some fantastic runs with his silky skills and was unplayable..brilliant. We passed the ball well, forwards this time! Putting pressure on constantly, keeping ball in the oppositions end which saw Charlie in goal once again not having to make a single save! Jacob played some lovely passes picking out Josh who attacked with great speed.  Jimi played out this time in an attacking role and played really well. The boys certainly entertained the parents with this game.
In hindsight Saturday was a day we needed 11 Man of the Match awards…the extra 1 for Lewis, not one player put a foot wrong, Man of the Match eventually was awarded to Josh for not only his effort during the 3 games but also from his willingness to listen and learn from Wednesday’s training. What a Rangers team we will have if we can keep this up, lets pick up from where we left off this Saturday …well done to all the boys, all the parents – great support again  THANK YOU

04/10/2014 – we entertained Copeswood Blue to Woodlands

 Captained by Charlie who welcomed the Keepers jersey for the first time and made some fantastic saves throughout the game.
The match its self unlike the weather which was dismal, cold and wet was certainly entertaining. We started really well with some great running at the Copeswood defence from Matthew and Joshua which paid off within 5 mins, piling on the pressure for long spells on the first half however just towards the end of the first half that started to change and Copeswood started got themselves organised and the game turned around in their favour.  Our boys never gave up and fought for every ball.
Man of the Match Jake making several good runs down the line had the Copeswood team stretched and often caused the opposition problems at the back, tricky and skilful play by both Leon and James was great to see…more than welcomed, more of that please!
Training this week will see us concentrate on tackling and passing, we lacked both of these elements from our game…I think we left them behind this week in our beds with our pj’s!
Support…again was fantastic even in the pouring rain THANK YOU!!
 Saturdays fixture details will be announced at training and emailed, please can all try and attend training, it does and will help.

27/09/2014 Whitely Vs Firefighters

Quite a large crowd of supporters gathered for this game at Chace Avenue…our reputation for good football even after just 1 game proceeds us!

Positive pre match comments from the FF Rangers boss Lewis when asked how he felt about this one where ‘ I’m well up for it’ which was nice to hear, however seconds later he could be heard asking ‘ how many players do we field again? ’ !!

Our under 7’s Rangers side who played only their 2nd game in their lives came up against a good, quick and strong Whitley team who’s keeper and centre forward were exceptional, everything their forward hit went toward goal, every shot we made their keeper saved, mostly running off his line like a Sweeper to clear or to dive at…but non the less our boys battled away and enjoyed themselves showing great team spirit lead by Josh their captain for this match who just never gave up

We had some very good spells in the game where we played the ball, nice passes and made some good runs, pressed the opposition, tackled for every ball and at half time they all new they were in a proper tough game, all were wearing red faces taking gulps of water, huffing and puffing!

A deput match for both Leon and Zach who both played very well, Zach played well enough to be handed MoTM award… he’s a Dennis Wise in the making! One of the highlights of the secound half was from a Firefighter direct free kick on the edge of the box, whipped in from Jacob Townley only to see the Whitley keeper just keep the ball out from just 6 inches from his line.

We came up against a good Whitley team who I am sure we will see near the top of the league at the end of season, I sensed our boys learnt a lot from this game and we will see a different battle hardened, wiser Rangers this Saturday…no pressure then Lewis!

Thanks to all parents for coming to support, its greatly appreciated.

Next game is at Home against Copeswood, 10am at Woodlands 4th October


20/09/2014 Firefighters vs CTK

The next generation of Firefighters are off. U7’s had their first game ever against CTK this week. A terrific game full of thrills and spills. Proud parents on both sides watch on as goals were scored at both ends. The game was refereed by Harry Robinson one of the founders of Firefighters JFC back the 1995 and the U7’s were coached by Harry’s son, Lewis Robinson, also a member of Firefighters who played at every age level from U7’s to Youth. I wonder which one of the U7’s may go on to coach his own team one day.